Youth Ministry

iStock_000007950995XSmallNSBC’s ABLAZE Student Ministries exists for the soul purpose of teaching students to own their faith in Jesus Christ and make their faith known! As we study God’s Word, it becomes a natural process to “Grow Deep” and then “Go Wide” with the gospel. Knowing God and following Jesus as Lord is something that we believe is available for all those who accept His free gift of eternal life.

Our Student Ministry has several schools represented and is a very diverse group! Every student will be welcomed into our family and accepted for who they are. Why?? Because we know what the Bible teaches and know that we are called to love others the way God does.

Growing closer to Christ each day can be challenging, but we know that He has called us to live with integrity and impact our communities. So come and join us as we strive to fulfill the Lord’s command to Go and Make Disciples.

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