Young Adults

Young Ad Connection1Young Couples & Single Parents

Vision Statement: To love and grow each individual, whether married or divorced, in the Word of God first. Then help strengthen the marriage and family through sharing the daily struggles and understanding God’s promises.


At New Salem we love our young couples and single parents so much we have TWO groups to help them connect with other couples and families who share the same beliefs and values. Couples and single parents know that in this fast-paced world, it’s a struggle sometimes to keep up with the demands of marriage and parenthood. A time of slowing down the pace, finding God’s peace, and learning how to handle the struggles God’s way is so important. The Bible has answers to the questions and solutions to the problems.

Building a healthy and strong marriage isn’t an accident. The classes and activities of the couples department will help strengthen relationships and give the Biblical guidelines needed to stay strong. For those who struggle alone, we love and show them they are part of a family who cares.

This support group is comprised of everyday people, just like you, who are trying to please God in their homes. You are very welcome here.


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