Sports Ministry


In the New Testament the Apostle Paul used athletic illustrations to communicate the importance of living a life pleasing to the Lord! At New Salem, we believe sports can be used to help reach and teach people of all ages the disciplines of the Christian life. If you put in the time, sporting events can be rewarding and help you get a sense of accomplishment, but also can prove to be very difficult and discouraging. Life has all kinds of ups and down, but one thing NEVER changes and that is the love of our heavenly father.

basketball1New Salem has had several different sports ministries over the years and all have been run in an effort to reach lost souls and help build up Christian character in the lives of the participants. We currently open our gym on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm for a Bollinger County Basketball League. During the Fall and Winter months, any person above the age of 16 is invited to come out and compete. This current ministry just kicked-off at the beginning of 2015 but we have already seen fruit from the time invested!

Competitors and spectators are all invited to join this exciting ministry!

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